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The Leuven Chansonnier Fund

Your donation will facilitate scholarly research and valorization of the fifty songs in The Leuven Chansonnier. Endow one or more of these exquisite fifteenth-century French chansons, twelve of which were completely unknown before the Leuven Chansonnier was discovered and survive in no other known source. Each song will be sponsored by a single donor.

As donor you will enjoy the following benefits

  • you will be exclusively informed about the research carried out by the Alamire Foundation
  • you will receive an exact replica of the Leuven Chansonnier along with a book detailing what is currently known about its history and contents
  • your name will be mentioned in all publications related to the Leuven Chansonnier

Three endowments are possible:

Gold - €25.000,- ($28,000)

Endow one of the twelve unique compositions.

Silver - €12.500,- ($14,000)

Endow one of the other thirty-eight compositions.

Bronze - €6.250,- ($7,000)

Endow the entire collection.

For more details please contact Bart Demuyt, Director of the Alamire Foundation
+32 475 399 324

Support the Alamire Foundation

Your support helps the Alamire Foundation in achieving its goal of studying and valorising the musical heritage of the Low Countries.

Donations are welcome

KU Leuven
IBAN BE45 7340 1941 7789
please mention FVF-ALAMR2-02010