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Petrus Alamire - Polyphony in the Picture

Music copyist and trader Petrus Alamire (Nuremberg, ca. 1470 - Mechelen, 1536) was a scion of the Bavarian merchant family Imhoff and moved at a young age to the Low Countries, where he stayed at the Burgundian-Habsburg court. He led a workshop for copyists and illuminators. The world and work of Petrus Alamire were the subject of an exhibition in Antwerp Cathedral from 21 August to 30 November 2015.
The exhibition won a number of prestigious awards, and included an innovative media installation Speculum Musurgica, allowing visitors to experience polyphony spatially. Central to this entire project were the skilfully executed manuscripts, their function, their meaning and the richness of early sixteenth-century music.

The exhibition, went to Beverley, Yorkshire from May 25 tot July 16, 2017, entitled "Through the Looking Glass". In the somptuous Minster thousands of visitors enjoyed this unique musical heritage from Flanders. 

From September 12 until 16 December 2018, the exhibition was at the Monastère royal de Brou, Bourg-en-Bresse, France, entitled La polyphonie en images, Petrus Alamire et Marguerite d'Autriche.

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