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Journal of the Alamire Foundation

JAF 9/1The Journal of the Alamire Foundation provides a critical forum for the most recent and outstanding research on music in or related to the Low Countries up to the end of the Ancien Régime. It appears twice yearly. Each issue consists of three sections:

  • The first focuses on a specific theme.
  • The second contains free papers applying the full range of musicological approaches on any relevant topic.
  • The third section fulfils the Foundation's mission of promoting dialogue between the worlds of performance and scholarship by offering discussion of a recent performance event, production, edition, book, or issue.

The Journal’s distinctive ingredients guarantee it a unique profile. Its emphasis on research of the highest quality aims to place it among the leading journals in its field.

The Journal of the Alamire Foundation is published by Brepols Publishers, in paper back as well as open access. 

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General editors
David Burn and Sarah Ann Long

Editorial board
Barbara Haggh - Christian Leitmeir - Pedro Memelsdorff - Klaus Pietschmann - Dorit Tanay - Giovanni Zanovello

Advisory board
Bonnie J. Blackburn - Jennifer Bloxam - Anna Maria Busse-Berger - Fabrice Fitch - Sean Gallagher - David Hiley - Andrew Kirkman - Karl Kügle - John Milsom - Emilio Ros-Fabregas - Rudolf Rasch - 
Thomas Schmidt-Beste - Eugeen Schreurs - Reinhard Strohm - Philippe Vendrix - Rob Wegman

Call for submissions 

Contributions are invited in any area of musicological research, including analysis, music theory, palaeography and notation, source studies, archival research, music and institutions, and aesthetics. Interdisciplinary research, in fields such as music and iconography, literature, theology, politics, art history, emblematics, or philosophy is also particularly welcomed. The standard article length is 5,000 - 10,000 words, including footnotes and other supplementary materials, although both longer and shorter contributions will be considered.
Proposals and contributions (of 2,500 - 5,000 words) to the Research and Performance Practice Forum section are also warmly invited.
The principal language of the Journal is English, but contributions are also possible in any commonly understood scholarly language.
Articles may be submitted at any time, via email, at JAF@alamirefoundation.org.

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