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Voices of Passion

Autumn 2021

Concerts on October 19, November 10, 21 and 26

A multi-vocal anniversary

2021 is an anniversary year for polyphony. The Alamire Foundation celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2021. As centre of excellence at KU Leuven and creative ambassador of the City of Leuven, the Foundation has invested in research and valorisation of Gregorian chant and polyphony from the Low Countries since 1991. 30CC and Alamire have intensely and happily worked together for 30 years to let this unique heritage be heard in churches and abbeys.

After the opening concert of the festival with English music from one of Pierre Alamire’s manuscripts, the focus shifts to the second half of the 16th century. In 1521, Philippe de Monte was born in Mechelen, where he was probably educated as a choir boy in St Rumbold's Cathedral. His flourishing career brought him to Italy, England, Vienna and Prague, where he died in 1603. He was one of the most productive composers of his time, with no less than 1200 madrigals, 300 motets and 40 masses.

Voices of Passion seizes the opportunity to give this lesser-known master the attention he deserves.

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Voices of Passion

Spring 2022

Concerts on April 30 and May 4, 6, 7, 8 and 9

Polyphonic gems from the Renaissance

Leuven and polyphony have since long been closely connected. The music that could be heard in the city at the time of the Flemish Primitives now once again resounds in harmony with the architecture of Park abbey church in Heverlee.

In the gatehouses on the abbey site, where the House of Polyphony and the Library of Voices are housed, the Alamire Foundation conducts research into the music from the Low Countries. During the festival, experienced musicians and young performers put the results of this research into practice and bring the musical heritage of hundreds of years ago to a contemporary audience.

Just like the Franco-Flemish polyphonists who played a leading role in their age, these ensembles feature prominently on the European concert stage. Voices of Passion presents not only marvellous music from the Low Countries, but also polyphonic masterpieces composed in Rome, Naples, London and Vienna.

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Ensembles in residence

Park Collegium

Park Collegium is the house ensemble of the Alamire Foundation, in residence at the House of Polyphony. The aim of this vocal group is to explore 15th and 16th Century polyphony from the source. Park Collegium has a variable number of members, special attention is given to young, promising singers wishing to deepen their knowledge on and experience with this historic repertoire. In line with the mission of the House, Park Collegium essentially performs practice based research. It is a living laboratory on the intersection between artistic practice and scientific study. Park Collegium is led by Stratton Bull and Pieter Stas.

Cappella Pratensis

Cappella Pratensis, founded in 1987, mainly sings music from the period between 1450 and 1600. During that time, the polyphony of Franco-Flemish composers such as Josquin Desprez, Jean Mouton, Pierre de La Rue Jacob Clemens non Papa, Johannes Ockeghem and Guillaume Dufay world leader. Cappella presents ongoing special programs and original designs. Thus, the ensemble released in 2016 with the Dutch Chamber Choir eight concerts around the Missa Unitatis Antony Pitts and sang it in concert season "Christmas with Josquin 'in Amsterdam, Almere Westzaan, Utrecht and Den Bosch. The singers sing facsimiles of original choir books. Artistic director of the ensemble Stratton Bull.

Cappella Pratensis website