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Pierre de la Rue and Music at the Habsburg-Burgundian Court

Mechelen (B), Hof van Busleyden, 20-23 November 2018

Organised by the KU Leuven (Department of Musicology), Alamire Foundation (Leuven), with the support of the City of Mechelen and the Research Foundation - Flanders (FWO)

Theme and Focus

20 November 2018 will mark the quincentenary of the death of Pierre de la Rue, leading composer at the Habsburg-Burgundian court. In honour of this renowned yet still under-studied master, the Alamire Foundation, International Centre for the Study of Music in the Low Countries and the Department of Musicology (KU Leuven) is organizing a conference from Tuesday 20 November to Friday 23 November 2018. The conference will take place at the ‘Busleyden Court’ in Mechelen. The court, a beautiful Renaissance palace once owned by the humanist Hieronymus Busleyden (+ 1517), counselor of Margaret of Austria and friend of Erasmus, will function as Mechelen’s new City Museum from June 2018. The so-called Mechelen Choirbook, one of the largest and best-preserved of the music manuscripts made in the workshop of Petrus Alamire (+ 1536) and an important source for la Rue’s music, will be permanently displayed there.

The conference aims to treat both Pierre de la Rue himself as well as the context for his life and work.

Provisional Programme

Tuesday, 20 November

12u45: Registration and coffee
13u30: Welcome words by David Burn (KU Leuven) and Bart Demuyt (Alamire Foundation)
13u45: Honey Meconi (US, University of Rochester), Keynote speech: Pierre de la Rue: Beginnings
14u30: Coffee break

Chair: David Burn

Bonnie Blackburn (UK), A Puzzle in La Rue’s Biography: Did He Serve the King of Hungary?
Helen Coffey (UK, Lecturer in Music, Open University): Maximilian I and the Burgundian Court: Musical Interaction in the Habsburg Empire Schedule
Keith Polk (US), Pierre de la Rue, Margaret of Austria, and innovative performance practices in Mechelen in the early sixteenth century
Robert Nosow (US), Hobrecht, La Rue, and the Cardinal of Florence
Marina Schwarz (D, University of Mainz), Melancholic and intellectual? Views on Pierre de la Rue in the 19th and 20th century

20u: Concert Binchois Consort, dir. Andrew Kirkman,
The Disconsolate Woman and the Queen of Heaven: Marian Devotions by La Rue and Friends
Mechelen, St-Pieter-en-Paulus Church

Wednesday, 21 November

Chair: Christiane Wiesenfeldt

Guillaume Bunel (F, Université Paris-Sorbonne), The Notation of La Rue's Missa O salutaris hostia
Emily Zazulia (US, Berkely University of California), The notational complexity in La Rue's Missa Alleluia
Warwick Edwards (UK, University of Glasgow), How La Rue sets words

10u30: Coffee break

Wolfgang Fuhrmann (D, University of Leipzig), La Rue’s Approach to Modality
Peter Urquhart (US, University of New Hampshire), Can't we come to some agreement? Cadences in La Rue's sacred music
Bernhold Schmid (D, Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften), The Gamma Γ-Clef in Pierre de la Rues Requiem and its History

12u30: Lunch

Chair: David Fallows

Thomas Schmidt (UK, University. of Huddersfield), Liber magnus - liber mediocris - liber parvus? On manuscript transmission and genre in the works of Pierre de la Rue
Bernadette Nelson (PT, CESEM), Josquin’s Missa Pange lingua reconsidered: further thematic links with music in the Alamire manuscripts
Brett Kostrzewski (US, Boston University), Questions of Proximity and authority in the Transmission of La Rue’s Early Masses
Andrea Lindmayr-Brandl (AT, University of Salzburg), Pierre de la Rue’s posthumous career in German prints

15u30: Coffee break

Vincenzo Borghetti (IT, University of Verona), Ockeghem-De la Rue-Pipelare: Anthologies of Sorrow from the Low Countries
Manuel del Sol (ES, Universidad de Valladolid), Imperial Laments at the Spanish Habsburg-Burgundian Court: The Plainsong of the Lamentations of Jeremiah in Polyphony
Ana López Suero (ES, Universidad de Valladolid), Musical Landscapes in the Journey of the Flemish Chapel through Castilla
Vassiliki Koutsobina (GR, University of Athens), Desolated Hearts for a “Mad” Queen? Cueurs desolez, La Rue, Josquin and the others

18u-23u: Trip to Leuven (by tour bus), visit to the Library of Voices (Alamire Foundation) and conference dinner at Park Abbey 

Thursday, 22 November

Chair: Fabrice Fitch

Soterraña Aguirre Rincón (ES, Universidad de Valladolid), The canción Nunca fue pena mayor and its “art-song reworking” Missa Nuncqua fue pena maior
Rachel Carpentier (US, Boston University), Never was there Greater Fame: Two Masses on Nunca fue and their Models
William Kempster (AUS), Pierre de la Rue’s Missa Pourquoy non. A Case for Re-Evaluation
Samuel Bradley (US, Boston University), The Missa Sine nomine II, the Frankfurt Choirbook, and the German La Rue

11u: Coffee break

Carlo Bosi (AT, University of Salzburg), ‘L’amour de moy sy est enclouse’: Pierre de la Rue’s isolated Credo in the Context of the Song’s Transmission
Annerose Tartler (AT, University of Vienna), Bigger and better: La Rue's Credo. Angeli Archangeli and Competitive Borrowing

12u30: Lunch

Chair: Wolfgang Fuhrmann

Stefan Gasch (AT, University of Vienna), The Art of Greeting the Virgin: Pierre de la Rue’s settings of Ave Regina caelorum and Salve Mater Salvatoris
Jacobijn Kiel (CZ), The Salve Regina settings of Pierre de la Rue
Daniel Tiemeyer (D, Institute of Musicology, Weimar-Jena), An analytical approach to the Magnificat-cycle of Pierre de La Rue
Eric Jas (NL, University of Utrecht), Salve Jhesu summe bone. A recovered motet of Pierre de la Rue?

15u30: Coffee break

Paul Kolb (B, Leuven University), Ligatures, text and La Rue: new thoughts on scribal practice in the Alamire workshop
David Fallows (UK, University of Manchester), Chronology and context for the songs of Pierre de la Rue
Adam Knight Gilbert (US, University of Southern California), Songs That Know Each Other: Identifying Anonymous Franco-Flemish Composers in Polyphonic Sources (ca. 1460-1500)

20u-22u: Visit to the Museum Hof van Busleyden (with the Mechelen Choirbook and the Grand Chansonnier of Margaret of Austria on display)

Friday, 23 November

Chair: Honey Meconi

David Rothenberg (US, Case Western Reserve University), La Rue and the Liturgical Year
Philip Weller (UK, University of Nottingham), La Rue, the idea of liturgical topic, and its artistic realisation – a case of ‘Musikgeschichte nach Aufgaben’?

10u: Coffee break

Cory McKay (CA) (reading paper co-authored by Julie E. Cumming), Contrapuntal Style: Josquin Desprez vs. Pierre de la Rue
Michael Meyer (CH, University of Zürich), Ostinato, Copia and Varietas: Observations on Pierre de La Rue's Missa Cum iocunditate and Josquin's Missa La sol fa re mi
María Elena Cuenca Rodriguez (ES, Universidad Complutense de Madrid), Between Burgundy, Castile and Aragon: shared practices in La Rue’s and Peñalosa’s masses
Aaron James (CA, University of Toronto), La Rue as Classic: Benedictus Appenzeller and the Burgundian Musical Tradition

12u30: Final Conclusions

Registration (until 11 November 2018)

Full conference fee € 120
Students* € 60
Day Fee € 40

Registration form

The registration fee for the full conference includes: access to the conference and all sessions, including conference materials, coffee breaks, lunches, a ticket for the opening concert and welcome reception on Tuesday 20 November 2018 and a ticket to visit Museum Hof van Busleyden on Thursday 22 November 2018.

Not included in the registration fee: Conference dinner on Wednesday 21 November 2018: an additional amount of € 35 will be requested.

* You are eligible for the student fee if you are a Master student or a PhD-student in the academic year 2018-2019. A certificate of enrolment or a letter signed by your supervisor needs to be provided by e-mail (LaRue@kuleuven.be)

** If you require an invoice, please select 'bank transfer', and send an e-mail to LaRue@kuleuven.be and please do not pay before receiving the invoice. The invoice will be sent to you by e-mail, together with payment instructions. Please do not request an invoice if you have already paid by credit card or bank transfer

*** Accommodation: Room allocations for participants to La Rue 2018 have been taken in Mechelen. To see more information about hotels and to make your reservation please click here

Information LaRue@kuleuven.be

Scientific committee

David Burn, KU Leuven (B)
Anne-Emmanuelle Ceulemans, Université Catholique de Louvain (B)
Marie-Alexis Colin, Université Libre de Bruxelles (B)
Bart Demuyt, Alamire Foundation, director
Wolfgang Fuhrmann, Leipzig University, Institute of Musicology at (D)
Honey Meconi, University of Rochester, Eastman School of Music (USA)
Eugeen Schreurs, Koninklijk Conservatorium Antwerpen (B)
Philippe Vendrix, Université de Liège (B)
Christiane Wiesenfeldt, University of Music Franz Liszt Weimar (D)

Organising committee

David Burn, KU Leuven
Bart Demuyt, Alamire Foundation, director
Klaartje Proesmans, Alamire Foundation, staff member
Jo Santy, Alamire Foundation, operational coordinator
KU Leuven, Conference & Events Office

With the appreciated support of

City of Mechelen, Museum Hof van Busleyden (Mechelen)
FWO (Research Foundation - Flanders)